Earn Opportunity Study in Germany With Very Cheap Cost!!! High quality Course in the European Heart

Experienced since 2003, helped more than 2.000 Senior High School graduates and Universities throughout Indonesia to study in Bachelor, Master, and Doctoral programs in various best and famous State Universities in Europe.

Study with reachable costs…

Free tuition fees in All States in Germany and there are Selected Study Fields like Medical Faculty in several universities in Germany, booklet of Euro Management Indonesia (please download here!!).


Why study in Germany?

  • 3 (three) big and richest world economy in Europe
  • Very high academic standard and education quality
  • Study programs and titles of international level
  • Relatively short study periods: Bachelor (8-10 semesters) and Master (1-2 years)
  • Selectable introductory languages: German / English
  • Very inexpensive living costs: 450-650 per month
  • Working opportunities while studying: part time at campus (max. 20 hours/week)
  • In-house training chances in industries: Minimal 2 semesters during the study period
  • Working opportunities in the holiday season: full-time (max. 40 hours/week for 3 months)
  • Study exchange programs in the other European Union countries
  • About 2.000 choices of study programs
  • About 350 reputable State Universities
  • The fourth country of most foreign students (after America, England, and France)
  • Broad network of German alumni in the World
  • Modern campuses located in the heart and most beautiful areas in Europe

Euro Management Indonesia opens a registration especially for students of Class III Senior High School, IPA IPS (of the same year) and also opens for university students, S1 graduates, Civil Servants/State Owned Companies, private employees and professionals who want to continue their studies to pursue Bachelor, Master, and Doctorate degrees in various reputable universities in Germany. 

Limited Registration Quota:

German Bachelor:
200 First Applicants
German Master:
100 First Applicants


Program Schedules:

Registration :
July 01, 2016 – May 30, 2017
Program start :
June 01, 2017
Program period :
June 02, 2017 – October 13, 2017
Entrance Test in Jakarta :
October 16, 2017 – December 15, 2017
Departure :
January 15, 2018 - March 31, 2018
Continued language course in Germany :
January 15, 2018 – March 31, 2018
Class commencement in Germany :

A.The earliest: February 20, 2018
B.The latest: March 31, 2018




Study in France….

  • Very inexpensive tuition fees: 175-200 Euro per year
  • Relatively inexpensive living costs: 350-500 Euro per month
  • Working opportunities while studying: Part time at campus (max. 20 hours per week)
  • In-house training opportunities in industries: minimal 1 semester during study period
  • Working chances in the holiday season: full-time (max. 40 hours per week for 3 months)

Want to study in France? Please, click here!


Study in America…

  • The richest and most advanced country in the world
  • Very high education quality and the best in the world
  • Advanced technology campuses with sophisticated facilities
  • Very excellent research culture
  • The largest country of study designation in the World
  • Financial assistance programs
  • Working opportunities while studying
  • Cultural exchange between students throughout the World
  • Very vast, varied and beautiful geography

Want to study in America? Please, click here!

 For information, consultation and registration, please contact our hotline service at 021-39838706 and 081519040071


Studying In Europe Does Not Have To Be Expensive

Studying in Germany is not expensive. Euro Management Indonesia, the International Education Consultant to various universities in Europe, especially Germany and France, dare to prove that. It is enough for parents to deliver an approximate fund of Rp24.9 million to the Consultant, then their one beloved son/daughter is already able to dig up the knowledge in Germany or France.


Studying In Europe Is Not A Dream Anymore!!!

Source: Article of the Optimis Tabloid, 6th Edition – August-September 2006

Have you ever thought of continuing your education overseas? It could be that most of us will shake our heads. Not just think about, we might not imagine it either. Expensive tuition fees plus no little living cost become the main obstacle factor.


Euro Management Indonesia's CEO Remarks

Speech by CEO of Euro Management Indonesia

Speech by CEO of Euro Management Indonesia

Assalamu'alaikum Warohmatullahi Wabarokatuh… In the era of globalization, the mastery of science and technology is a prominent matter. To develop science and technology, further study in ...

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